Wow. Amazing! Thank you Vancouver Whale Watch for an amazing experience, you promised whales and you did not disappoint. We had to go a long way to find them but it was worth it. A pod of 6 orcas that we watched for about 30 minutes. [Our Guide] was fantastic and was able to identify the pod and tell us all about the family unit. Mummy was T65A, and I bought the postcard in the shop. She was so passionate about whale conservation and her depth of knowledge very impressive. Learnt a lot. Thank you. [Our Captain] was a great skipper and navigated us across very choppy water over to the islands. I can see why the orange suits are a necessity but think I was sat in the splash zone in the boat! A most exhilarating ride. We also saw seals and bald eagles. Would definitely recommend this company if you want to go find some whales.