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Whale Watching - April 1 to October 31

Our whale watching tour focuses on magnificent Orcas (Killer Whales), majestic Humpback Whales, and other marine wildlife such as porpoises, sea lions, seals and bald eagles.

The Killer Whales come to this region to feed on the salmon that are returning to the Fraser River to spawn. The salmon start to migrate up river in May and continue into October. There are three pods (families) of Killer Whales that return to this area every year and they consist of approximately 80 whales. Killer Whales are matriarchal meaning that the eldest female leads the group.

All of our resident Killer Whales can be identified by their dorsal fin and saddle patch (area behind the dorsal fin) and have their own names. For example, the head of J pod is named Granny (J2) and is thought to have been born in 1911.

"We had a great time on our trip, and I'd recommend Vancouver Whale Watch to any other groups, definitely." ~ Mandy from

Our 3 to 5 Hour Tours

Orca WhalePod of Orca WhalesAn Orca Whale Breaches the Surface

Rates & Departure Times

Boat Type Adults Students
(with valid ID)

Explorathor II
(Open Air / Covered Convertable with Observation Deck)

Operates: April 1 to Mid-June - Covered
Operates: Mid-June to Mid-Sept - Open Air**
Operates: Mid-Sept to Oct 31 - Covered

$145 $125 $125 $85 Free

Express (Open Air / Covered Convertable)
Operates: April 1 to Mid-June - Covered
Operates: Mid-June to Mid-Sept - Open Air **
Operates: Mid-Sept to Oct 31 - Covered

** Roofs come off Mid-June weather dependent and
go back on Mid-Sept weather dependent

$145 $125 $125 $85 Free

Lightship I & Strider I (Open Air)
Operates: MAY: Thursday – Sunday @ 11:00 AM
Operates: MAY 20th (Victoria Day) @ 11:00 AM
Operates: JUNE 1st-7th @ 11:00 AM
Operates: JUNE 8th – SEPT. 3rd @ 9:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Operates: SEPTEMBER 4th – 30th @ 11:00 AM

* Children must be a minimum of 8 years of age to ride the Lightship.

$150 $150 $150 $150* N/A

Departure Times Date Trip Length
11:00am April 1 - June 7 3 - 5 Hours
9:00am & 2:00pm June 8 - September 3 3 - 5 Hours
11:00am September 4 - October 31 3 - 5 Hours

Whale Watch Operators Association Northwest LogoWe support PWWA guidelines for responsible whale watching.
A portion of proceeds supports local marine research programs.

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