The Express

Open/Semi-Covered Zodiac Vessel

The Express is a 45-passenger open/semi-covered zodiac style vessel, and was built locally in North Vancouver by ABD Shipyards. It offers a fast and comfortable ride, ideal for families and groups. The bow of the Express has a clear glass roof and large windows that slide up and down to provide unobstructed viewing of the whales. Just like Explorathor, this vessel was custom designed for marine mammal viewing.

The zodiac style hull allows for a smooth ride over the water which reduces the chances of passenger seasickness. This vessel operates on the same schedule as Explorathor so will operate as an open-air vessel mid-June to mid-September.

The Express is also powered by the most fuel efficient engines available. It is water jet propelled and driven by turbo engines that exceed emission standard requirements.

Similar to the Explorathor this boat is designed with the whales in mind and is are extremely safe around marine mammals and has a significantly reduced environmental impact. For our passengers these features will provide a faster, quieter and smoother ride.


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